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Apulian pasta Mastro Sapore

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Apulian artisan pasta Mastro Sapore. 500 gr of absolute goodness, from Apulian wheat and craftsmanship.

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The Apulian pasta by Mastro Sapore comes from a strictly artisanal process, in which it is hand-worked and bronze drawn. A controlled and certified supply chain, with a strong territorial imprint, guarantees the very high quality of the ground grains.

The Apulian pasta is born from a rigorously artisanal process, in which it is worked by hand and bronze drawn, in compliance with the classic methods of pasta making, leaving the raw material and the production phases all the time to give life to a pasta "d ' gold".
Pasta takes shape from the delicate union of fine semolina and pure cold water, in order not to compromise the most precious elements of the grains, gluten and carbohydrates, an approach that has long been set aside by the industry for long waits and a lower yield. But the Master knows it takes time for good things.
Then it is the ability of our pasta makers to do the rest: they shape, "refresh", pamper the dough, to create the perfect "dress" for every occasion and palate.


The craftsmanship continues with slow drying at a low temperature, for a total of about 20 hours at a maximum of 40 degrees, in order to preserve all the nutritional properties and aromas of an already naturally good product. It is in this phase that the properties of the raw material and of the bronze drawing stabilize, for a pasta with a taste of the past, digestible and perfect in cooking resistance. In short, a “rich” pasta, simply good.


The dough passes through a circular bronze die that creates a porous and wrinkled surface, capable of capturing its essence and enhancing sauces and creaming. A phase that requires great care to ensure a perfect balance between taste and texture, just like the best of Apulian traditions.

Pack of : 500 gr
from agriculture : Traditional


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