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Gourmet line pasta

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Artisanal Pasta Line Gourmet 500 gr "Pasta factory Di Amante".

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The Gourmet line offers pasta in the shape of nests. In pasta with nests, the secret is the pastry: ours is special, with or without eggs, perfect to accommodate any type of seasoning and enhance the superior taste of excellent raw materials.
The formation of the Nests, with the utmost care in every moment of the transformation of the product and the delicate phase of slow drying at low temperature, guarantee the preservation of the nutritive principles of durum wheat semolina that remain unaltered.

artisanal pasta gourmet line

To satisfy the most demanding palates, we have created a line of flavored nests with pasta: this is how the tagliatelle are made with basil, hot pepper, cuttlefish ink, lemon, cocoa, nettles and porcini mushrooms.

Size : 500 gr
Region : Lombardy
from agriculture : Traditional

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