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Organic line pasta

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Artisanal Pasta Organic  line  500 gr "Pasta factory Di Amante".

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The Organic line was created to satisfy all those customers who feel the need to feed themselves in total respect of nature. This line exclusively uses Senatore Cappelli wheat.
The "Cappelli" durum wheat semolina pasta is produced using a historic variety of durum wheat semolina which owes its name to the homonymous Senator from Abruzzo, promoter at the beginning of the 20th century of the agrarian reform that led to the distinction between durum wheat and cute. The "Cappelli" wheat is distinguished by its intense aroma, its strong flavor and its high spikes, more than one meter and eighty, which end with its characteristic black mustache. Particularly resistant to dry climates, it is considered the king of Italian hard grains: a variety of ancient and precious wheat that has not undergone alterations of modern genetic manipulation techniques, to the full advantage of taste and nutritional content: high percentages of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as characteristics of high digestibility.
It is also recommended for gluten intolerant due to the low amount of gluten present in wheat.

Size : 500 gr
Region : Lombardy
from agriculture : Organic

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