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Top Quality pasta

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Artisanal Pasta Top Quality line  500 gr "Pasta factory Di Amante".

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The Top Quality line is the end result of a long process that starts with the choice of the best grain. For the production of high quality pasta, the choice of raw materials is essential.

top quality pasta

The quality of the pasta depends on the type of durum wheat and on the characteristics of the semolina obtained from it. The Kronos® durum wheat variety, a direct descendant of Arizona's "Desert Durum" but grown exclusively in Italy, is one of the best selections in the world for milling and pasta making: the semolina obtained from its grinding is distinguished by its high protein content, for its intense yellow color, for its superior taste and above all for the toughness of its gluten, ie its ability to resist cooking.

It is therefore particularly indicated for the production of high-quality pasta
quality and pastas for catering (which undergo pre-cooking). For its short pasta extruded through bronze, Pastificio di Amante chose Kronos®: the best variety of durum wheat, exclusively from Italian production chain.

Size : 500 gr
Region : Lombardy
from agriculture : Traditional

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