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I met in Italytruefood some of the great food excellence that our country is able to produce, unique and genuine good, made with experience and goodness that selected companies are able to produce, but too often these goods are not easily found, due to the restricted market and to the artisan company size. It has not been a simple operation , a lot of search on line has been necessary as well as opinions and criticisms of the experts, consumer reviews, personal impressions and instincts.

Italian food


Choice means supporting and believing in a project and in an italian solution, by the inventor to employees, from the territory to the products.

Our choice, then will be your, is based on careful research and evaluation of our product’s suppliers, chosen for their absolute skills

and quality standard products. Terms such biologic, short chain, traceability, food safety, quality control, compliance with hygiene safety standards act as a cornerstone with every company who cooperates with us.

Choice Italytruefood means take part in this great food and wine world made in Italy, which will let you discover the beautiful and unique products produced by italian land.

Choice Italytruefood also enriches us of your experience, of your taste and sensations, helping us to create a “tasted” network, free from the constraints of large deployments, from trade links that exclude growth and cooperation.

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