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Librandi extra virgin olive oil Carolea

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Carolea is an organic extra virgin olive oil with a harmonious and balanced taste. Bitter and spicy are well present with an almond finish aftertaste. Intense, clean,...

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Carolea Librandi organic 500 ml.

Company production is oriented to the pursuit of qualitative excellence; the extra virgin olive oils placed on the market are aimed at an informed and critical consumer, who can buy them at delicatessen shops or enjoy them in high-level restaurants and niche venues. Since the first year of bottling, the extra virgin olive oils selected and offered to customers have met with great success, meeting the appreciation of the sector experts and obtaining numerous awards and recognitions, in Italy and in the world.

The Calabrian company Librandi covers about 205 hectares on the presilane Ionian hills, where it cultivates 154 hectares of olive grove with about 27,000 trees, both secular and recently planted.


Carolea is an olive cultivar that probably originates from Lucania and Calabria. Olive typical of the south, the Carolea is also called Calabrese for its strong identity with this region. The cultivar is also typical of the morphological characteristics of the Calabrian and Lucan territory, characterized by steep slopes and mountains. It can in fact be cultivated up to a height of 800 meters on stony ground.

The Carolea cultivar is exploited not only in the production of oil but also in that of table olives. Here too these fruits are fairly well known, either not fully ripe, green, or fully ripe, black. They are the classic southern olives of good size, with a slightly bitter classic taste.

Size : 500 ml
Region : Calabria
from agriculture : Organic



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