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Sciabacco Extra virgin olive oil 1 lt

Sciabacco Extra virgin olive oil

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Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sciabacco, composed solely of olives of the Moorish variety, harvested only by hand.

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Extra virgin olive oil Sciabacco

There are stories that are handed down from father to son, stories that tell of witches who, in the brightest Saturday nights, gathered under a walnut tree yielding to dances, songs and intoxicating potions with which to attract young and curious.
This is how Sciabacco was born, a term that in the popular tradition recalls the cackles of witches repeated every Saturday night and that gives its name to the lands where our olive trees are grown and a single, ancient, walnut tree.

Sciabacco is a project that stems from the desire to create a quality product whose value can be understood even before having tasted it. This led us to choose every single detail with extreme accuracy, from the cap to the bottle, but it is above all the label that best expresses what we wanted to achieve. The latter represents the four moments of the production process (earth, harvest, sorting, milling), with a reference to the composition of the calatina tradition of majolica.

Our extra virgin olive oil is a monocultivar made from olives of the Moorish variety, harvested only by hand during the first week of October, when the olives are still green with only one purple point. They were milled a few hours after the harvest, in one of the best oil mills in the area, strictly cold.

Sciabacco. Hints and origins.

Our olive trees do not undergo chemical treatments of any kind and this guarantees an extreme authenticity of the product. This meticulous attention has allowed us to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil, with a marked fragrance, with a hint of freshly cut grass and a medium spicy and bitter taste. It is an oil that finds its maximum expression used raw, but can be used to create any dish you want, both raw and cooked.

General properties of extra virgin olive oil.

It is the best choice when it comes to seasonings, for flavor, fragrance but also for the many healthy virtues: extra virgin olive oil is a friend of the heart, an anticancer and an ally of youth.

it is the only oil to be produced only by pressing the olives
it is the condiment with the best balance of fats
it tolerates cooking well, reaching even high temperatures (for example in fries) without giving rise to the formation of harmful substances
it is the only seasoning that is inserted in the weaning of infants
high polyphenol content, extremely powerful natural antioxidants
is a natural source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects cell membranes from aging processes

Region : Sicily
from agriculture : Traditional


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