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Corn Flour

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Corn flour antique yellow ottofile stone ground

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Corn flour antique yellow ottofile

It’s derived from corn grown in soils of Rabellotti Stefano’s Farm, in Galliate (NOVARA), picked up, unwrapped and manually selected, dried in the sun respecting old methods of working.
Bearns are ground in stone , obtaining a fine flour with the best aromas and flavors.
Yellow Ottofile is an antique variety of corn, once grown in Piemonte and then almost disappear with coming of the first hybrid corn, much more resistant and productive.
Farina di mais antico Ottofile pannocchia

Ottofile cob stands out for the presence of only 8 beans ranks.
Corn is grown in MAB soils of Ticino Park www.parcoticinolagomaggiore.it

Particularities of Corn:

Ottofile name derives from the number of beans’longitudinal ranks counted on the cob, but we can find also mythologigal explamation to know the name of this antique corn variety.Somebody calls it melia du re because apparently it had as many rows of grains as gems on the king’s crown, or more likely, because of passion for polenta and game of Vittorio Emanuele II, who imposed sowing.

Spread almost all over Piemonte, but also in other Italian regions, ottofile was replaced after the war by hybrid varieties of American origin, grown above all for zootechnical use also intended for human consumption. These were preferred to ottofile corn for the greater simplicity in the cultivation and for productive yield.

There are different types of ottofile, distinguished by the beans’ colour. In Piemonte there is white, yellow and red ottofile; red ottofile is also present in Garfagnana (Formenton ottofile), in Ancona and in Arcevia. Varieties very similar
with different name, are grown in Veneto, Sicilia and Lombardia.

---> To have a better deepening , you can see this document on ancient piedmontese corns.


Polenta Recipe ( for 4 persons):
500 g. Corn flour yellow Ottofile
2 liters of water
1 tablespoon oil
coarse salt.

Salt water, add a tablespoon oil, heat water and pour in the flour stirring with a whisk so no lumps.
Bring to the boil. Now you can avoid turning again polenta.
After cooking, discover the pot and turn energetically in order to let the water evaporate.
Cooking is at least 60 minutes: polenta is much more pleasant and easier to digest as long as it’s cooked.

Corn flour antique ottofile can also be mixed in varying proportions with buckwheat flour , in order to give polenta a different taste.

Size : 750 gr
Region : Piedmont

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