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Wheat flour type 1 stone ground

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Wheat flour type 1 stone ground, suitable for preparing bread, pizza and desserts.

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Wheat flour type 1 probably is the best balance between flour’s attitude bread making and the main guaranteed supply of nutrients from whole wheat flour.

Wheat flour type 1 has a higher fiber content compared to more refined flours.
Dietary fiber comes from the portion of the plant that is not digested by enzymes in the intestinal tract, therefore it has a lower nutritional value compared to carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Even if fiber is not a nutrient, it has functional and metabolic effects, that is the reason why it’s an important component of human diet. Infact with an high hydration capacity, dietary fiber increases the viscosity of intestinal contents and it can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria to mantain a right intestinal function. Besides it can help to decrease cholesterol and to reduce blood glucose.

Mixing appropriately whear flour type 1 with whole wheat flour we can have the main composed let rise in order to have bread, pizza , dried or egg pasta.

Size : 1 kg
Region : Piedmont
from agriculture : Traditional

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