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Whole wheat flour stone ground

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Whole wheat flour stone ground 

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Whole wheat flour is produced by Rabellotti Stefano Farm in Galliate (NO) using only Flour type 1,type 2 and whole wheat, all stone ground.
Through stone ground ,whole grain is ground without eliminating any parts. So flour are more nutrient and balanced compared to industrial flour. The main feature of stone ground is ground the whole grain with a low machining speed,
preserving the nutritional properties.
Stone ground flours contain valuable wheat germ and fibers which will be lost with process of industrial refinement.

Whole wheat flour in pills.

Whole wheat stone ground is the less worked in the exchange, because of the grain milling, without adding bran.
This is the reason why it has many fibers. Besides stone milling allows to have a flour with an irregular granulometry
giving a more intense flavor .
Whole wheat flour has the advantage to mantain intact nutrients in the germ. Infact the grain is used in its entirety and unlike that 00, it retains full bran higher in fibers. Using this flour means discover a more healthy and natural product. It was found that usually consuming this flour is not safe for the health.
Whole wheat flour is poor in fibers and it makes easily digestible starches.

For the sedentary, the substitution of refined flour with whole-wheat flour is a preventive factor to being overweight!

It contains gluten and it’s not good for diet against celiac disease.

Size : 1 kg
Region : Piedmont
from agriculture : Traditional

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