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  • Agricola Bruno

    The Bruno Angela Farm was born in Andria in 1986, but the lands belong to our family for over 100 years, which takes care of them and cultivates them with passion.

  • Agricola Rabellotti Stefano

    Rabellotti Stefano farm, Galliate (NO). Small producer of the highest quality and experience.

  • Agripantel

    Agripantel is a small Sicilian company that still produces hand-made preserves following the tradition.

  • Fedeli 's Farm

    A young reality south of Milan, the Fedeli farm produces its own rice from its own land.

  • Ferrari 1986

    Ferrari 1986 produces balsamic vinegar of Modena and hand-crafted sauces of the highest quality.

  • IContadini

    Our life takes place on fifty two hectares where, with the short chain and integrated production, we grow vegetables in open fields, between the land and the sea of ​​Salento.
    We know how to wait for nature's time, and we manually harvest every fruit of the cultivation that we immediately bring to our factory, to work with the vegetables just arrived from the earth.

  • Il mulino di Puglia

    Il Mulino di Puglia cultivates, chooses and produces the best wheat to have a pasta with a truly exceptional taste and aroma.

  • Librandi

    The Librandi Agricultural Company was founded in the sixties by Pasquale Librandi, following the centuries-old tradition of a family of olive growers.
    Tenute Librandi Pasquale is the new name of the company, in honor of its founder.
    The company relies on the professionalism and competence of Pasquale's five young sons (Pino, Carmela, Lucia, Angela and Michele) to whom the
    head of the family, who died in 2012, conveyed his deep passion for olive growing, as well as his great experience.

  • Mastro Sapore

    Mastro Sapore in Puglia carefully chooses the raw materials for a pasta with an exceptional aroma and taste.

  • Mulino Caputo

    Authoritativeness, Spontaneity and Tradition.

    It is from these values ​​that the white art of Caputo was born, which thanks to the experience gained in 3 generations of Neapolitan Master Millers, allows us to guarantee very high quality standards

  • Pasta Negri

    Negri produces artisanal organic pasta in Valtellina, bronze drawn and slowly dried

  • Pastificio Di Amante

    The Pastificio di Amante, family-run for two generations, was born from the nostalgia of the ancient flavors of the Italian gastronomic tradition, with a highly significant name, real expression of what it represents: culinary jewels made with love. In fact, production is of the highest quality.

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