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Almonds cream

Almonds cream

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Almond Cream is a healthy and wholesome product, great to taste on bread, or to be used in tasty and creative recipes. Pack of 190 gr.

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Almonds cream

The spreadable almond cream is a true Mediterranean flavor, made with few healthy and genuine ingredients to enhance the natural flavor and aroma of almonds, its taste is fine and very delicate.

Handcrafted at low temperatures to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials.

Unique recipe with cane sugar and multicultivar extra virgin olive oil, milk-free and gluten-free for allergic and intolerant individuals, ideal for pampering the little ones because it is made with the best raw material.

It is a healthy and healthy product, excellent to taste on bread, or to be used in tasty and creative recipes.

ALMONDS 60% cane sugar *,

Extra virgin olive oil* .

Product without the use of hydrogenated fats, preservatives and dyes.

* organic ingredients

Allergens: ALMONDS

 Curiosities about almonds:

Thanks to the contribution of vitamins they are excellent antioxidants useful for countering the effects of aging
the good content of iron and calcium make almonds useful in states of anemia and to maintain bone health
They are excellent energizers and tonic and have a fairly high caloric intake
They are less fat than walnuts, but have greater stimulant and healing properties. For this reason they are recommended in case of malnutrition.

Region : Sicily
from agriculture : Traditional


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