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Hazelnut cream

Hazelnut cream

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Spreadable hazelnut cream from 190 g with a soft and enveloping consistency, with a balanced taste that gives the palate a pleasant velvety sensation.

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Hazelnut cream 190 gr, an endless delight.

The spreadable hazelnut cream is handcrafted at low temperatures to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials.

This spreadable cream with a soft and enveloping consistency has a balanced taste that gives the palate a pleasant velvety sensation; its moderate sweetness brings out the delicate aroma of hazelnuts.

Unique recipe with multicultivar extra virgin olive oil without milk and gluten is ideal for indulging and pampering allergic and intolerant subjects or those who simply follow a healthy and genuine diet.

Healthy and wholesome product, excellent to taste on bread, or to be used in tasty recipes

Curiosity about hazelnuts.

Along with almonds, hazelnuts are among the richest fruits of vitamin E.
it also contains phytosterols, useful substances for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and good fats, able to lower LDL cholesterol levels
The manganese present in the hazelnuts then activates the digestive enzymes and facilitates the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.
The fiber content of the hazelnuts ensures the health of the digestive system, facilitating intestinal transit and the elimination of toxins.

Hazelnut cream ingredients.

HAZELNUTS 60%, cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil.
Product without the use of hydrogenated fats, preservatives and dyes.
Allergens: HAZELNUT

Region : Sicily
from agriculture : Traditional


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