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List of products by manufacturer Agricola Rabellotti Stefano

Rabellotti Stefano farm, Galliate (NO). Small producer of the highest quality and experience.

Rabellotti Stefano Farm cultivates wheat in Galliate land (NO) and produces only flour type 1, type 2 and whole wheat, all stone ground.
Through stone ground , whole grain is ground without eliminate any parts. So flour are more nutrient and balanced compared to industrial flour..
The main feature of stone ground is ground the whole grain with a low machining speed,
preserving the nutritional properties.
Stone ground flours contain valuable wheat germ and fibers which will be lost with process of industrial refinement.

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Wheat flour type 1 stone ground, suitable for preparing bread, pizza and desserts.
Whole wheat flour stone ground 
Corn flour antique yellow ottofile stone ground

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