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Agripantel is a small Sicilian company that still produces hand-made preserves following the tradition.

Since 1994 we have produced about 200 gastronomic specialties inspired by the true Sicilian tradition, in particular the Trapani area. We transform only the products of the local nature, to create a variety of flavors that satisfy the most refined tastes of the final consumer and also the needs of lovers of the culinary art. The continuous search for ingredients and recipes of the Sicilian folk tradition is the prerequisite for qualifying our production by enhancing the quality of the products and the peculiarities of the territory.

Each Agripantel product is a genuine product, processed with artisanal methods without preservatives and without colorings, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, which represents the absolute guarantee of authenticity. A product that connects with the territory and represents the traditions and customs typical of the place of production.

Agripantel is a passionate love story, born and lived over the years among the most beautiful legends, born around the charm of the ancient, the genuineness of feelings, the irresistible call of all that is true, natural and genuine. It is to this memory that we make faith and we still work today with passion.

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Sicilian pesto with sweet almonds. A pearl of Sicilian gastronomy in a glass jar of 180 gr. Special Selection Flavourita .

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