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A young reality south of Milan, the Fedeli farm produces its own rice from its own land.

The Fedeli company.

The FEDELI Farm was established in 1909 in Locate Triulzi in the province of Milan at the Cascina Resentera, still today the main site and the largest production site for rice and milk.
Over the years the company has expanded and leads several companies, in the province of Milan, Pavia and Novara.
The extension of cultivated land reaches 600 hectares, including 300 hectares of rice and the remaining corn, meadow and soybeans.
In the company there are 500 dairy cows and about 400 calves and heifers that produce about 13,000 liters of high quality milk a day.
In addition, the company has a 400 kW biogas plant, soon to be joined by a smaller 100 kW plant.
In the Novara site, there is also a fishing lake and restaurant, given in management.

The FEDELI Agricultural Company is a solid and young company, in fact in addition to the 3 elderly members, 8 children and 7 employees are present in the company.
The strategies adopted to compete on the agricultural market with efficiency and profitability are the diversification of crops and production and the constant investment in technology and machinery, among which the 7 milking robots and an innovative rice seeding machine stand out.

The area cultivated with rice covers about 300 hectares, with a production of about 20.00 quintals of paddy rice and is periodically affected by crop rotation, as an ancient and natural strategy of control of some weeds typical of the rice field.

The adoption of eco-compatible cultivation techniques, the good environmental quality of irrigation water, the use of bovine manure as a natural fertilizer, creates the basis of a high quality and environmentally friendly rice production. The taste of Carnaroli rice will testify its absolute goodness!


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