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Carnaroli Cavalieri d' Italia

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Carnaroli Rice Classic Cavalieri d 'Italia. Pack of 1 kg vacuum packed. The culmination of a philosophy that goes beyond the Bio to rebuild a sustainable and truly natural...

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The classic Carnaroli Rice Cavalieri d’Italia is handcrafted to preserve all the natural characteristics. In addition to the strong hold in cooking, it has a typical taste, forgotten for too long.

From the review of the Ipseoa Vespucci Institute in Milan a series of useful indications that characterize this particular rice:

Color: natural due to natural cultivation and non-intensive husking, due to a brown rice due to its rusticity.

Uniformity of the beans: The minimum presence of defects is due to a processing and selection that does not affect the natural organoleptic and sensorial characteristics of the product;

Bouquet: pleasant and natural.

Cooking time: 15 ’Optimum cooking resistance. Homogeneous and generous release of starch. Excellent absorption of liquids (broth).

Post-cooking: The creaming remains unchanged even after cooking. No negative deformation of grains that remain well shelled.


Cavalieri d' Italia Carnaroli Classic Rice


A rice that creates environment. It's possible? Yes, if the agriculture that surrounds it, that sows, nourishes and collects it is sustainable.

Our brand is born from NeoruraleHub, a company that for over 20 years has been producing cereals and legumes following the principle of sustainability. We are used to conceiving "traditional" agriculture as the last 80 years, the intensive one that has exploited the soil impoverishing it more and more.

We have decided to go back in time to true natural agriculture where there is no waste and where collaboration with nature creates a virtuous bond for us and for her.

We have recreated nature around our fields, according to the conformation of the prehistoric Po Valley, allowing it to thrive and give us the biodiversity and nourishment that our rice needs to grow so special as it is.

The process set by intensive agriculture is reversible. And we've been demonstrating this for over 20 years.

Size : 1 kg
Region : Lombardy
from agriculture : Traditional

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