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Vialone Nano Classic rice

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Vialone Nano Classic of the province of Novara. Its cooking resistance is excellent, with times, among other things, shorter than those of the best known long risotto.

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The classic nano vialone is a traditional variety considered to be the progenitor of Italian high-quality rice.
It was born in 1937 from the cross between the Vialone and Nano varieties of which it preserves the best qualities that make it a unique rice, pride of Italian production, albeit not widespread.

Vialone Nano intensely absorbs the flavor of the seasonings, enhancing them, has an excellent resistance to cooking, maintaining the consistency of the grain for a long time, and shows good volume growth.

It yields a lot of starch, a feature that makes it perfect for the preparation of creamy risotto.
Also highly appreciated for haute cuisine recipes, salads and soups.


What does "Classic" mean?
It is understood that the package contains the pure Vialone Nano variety, born exclusively from certified seed of traceable origin. This guarantees the excellent quality of the product and the maximum of its properties.

This indication enhances the Made in Italy harvest, guaranteeing its exclusively Italian origin.
Only traditional national varieties can boast the Classic title: to obtain this indication, the company must request it, sow certified seed every year, cultivate according to quality standards indicated by the relevant legislation and, of course, be able to demonstrate that it has respected all the criteria.

Size : 1 kg
Region : Piedmont
from agriculture : Traditional

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