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Kaffir leaves

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Lyophilized Kaffir leaves in a 10g bag.

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Kaffir leaves.

The kaffir lime tree belongs to the citrus family of the genus Citrus, its origin, however, is still uncertain: some experts claim that it is a cross between cedar and lime, while others believe that it is a spontaneous deformation of the lime. This plant is widespread in the countries of the Indian Ocean and south-east Asia.

Not everyone knows that most of the citrus plants use both the leaves and the fruits and in fact: when referred to as for this product, the leaves of the plant (intended as aroma) are called "lime kaffir leaves", when instead it is the fruit means the "combava".

Our leaves have the particularity of being LILOGYLED instead of DEHYDRATED, which certainly makes them more expensive but infinitely more fragrant and aromatic.

Kaffir leaves and their use.

Mainly their use is limited to the perfume sector, although in recent times their absolutely particular aroma has conquered more and more chefs and bartenders due to the originality of the fresh citrus notes they bring to dishes and cocktails. Great for flavoring vodka or a gin.

They are often used for dishes prepared with wok and curry based on vegetables, fish, shellfish and white meat (mainly chicken) or to give a unique touch to noodles, both served hot and cold in salads, and go very well with spicy .

A couple of leaves can make the difference for a fish stock, for an aromatized rice or for a marinade for pork and chicken. The citrus aromatic note is also extremely interesting in cold, hot extractions and alcohol infusion for the preparation of cocktails.

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