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Moruga Scorpion

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Moruga Scorpion whole dried in sealed resealable bag. One of the hottest peppers in the world.

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Moruga Scorpion entire dried.

Moruga Scorpion is a Capsicum chinense identified at the Chili Pepper Institute of the University of New Mexico. Originally from the district of Moruga in Trinidad and Tobago, in February 2012 it was classified as the most spicy in the world, and then lost its place in favor of the Carolina Reaper.

The spiciness is dangerously high, the Capsicum juice has even irritated the hands of researchers passing through latex gloves. Scholars suggest that tasting is done with extreme caution. In fact it could cause serious pains because at the beginning of the tasting it does not seem to give immediately the effects previously described. A single pepper of this species is enough to make all dishes of a family very spicy for a week.

Extremely high spiciness, 2.000.231 SHU.

To give the idea, it is about 5 times more spicy than the famous Habanero (325,000 SU) and 100 times more spicy than a Calabrian pepper (15,000 SU).

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