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Saffron in stigmas

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Fabulous Saffron Stigmas Alto Piemonte, still produced by hand and at Km 0 in Sizzano. A 100% Piedmontese product, available in glass jars and 3 different weights for every...

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Zafferano Alto Piemonte is a product that comes from an artisanal agricultural production and boasts the collaboration of the most expert collaborators and professionals of the agri-food chain.

The philosophy of Zafferano Alto Piemonte is based on the cultivation of natural crops that respect the product in all its processes: cultivation, production and packaging, all in full respect of the environment in which it operates. Saffron is planted, cultivated and cleaned only by hand in the lands of Upper Piedmont in "Sizzano", to be subsequently packaged and sold in very pure stigmas in its original form, containing only the most noble part of the flower.

Alto Piemonte Saffron boasts the particularity of being a product at km 0, from harvesting to fading and then drying, the supply chain is very short and this allows the product itself to maintain all its nutritional properties intact.

Thanks to this peculiarity, Zafferano Alto Piemonte is a proven reference product, with high competence and gastronomic culture, a product that lives up to the expectations of the consumer and, thanks to its pungent flavor and intense color, becomes the irreplaceable ingredient of good kitchen.

Alto Piemonte Saffron 100% Piedmontese excellence, produced by the Randetti Farm.


This precious product is presented in an elegant glass jar with a lid in pure Piedmontese saffron gold, packaged in a jute bag.

Weights in stigmas available in net pack weight:
0.15 gr. Ideal weight for food preparation for 3/4 people.
0.30 gr. Weight is ideal for preparing food for 7/8 people.
0.50 gr. Ideal weight for food preparation for 12/14 people.
You can use the product in purity by diluting the stigmas in half a cup of boiling water or broth, cover and keep warm for an hour. Incorporate everything into the recipe only in the last minutes of cooking.

Method of use in the kitchen by transforming the stigmas into powder.
1 Arrange the stigmas on parchment paper by folding it over itself

2 Apply pressure with the back of a hot spoon

3 Add the powder obtained to the recipe.

The use of saffron in the kitchen, however, ranges from appetizers to desserts, but the best combinations are with rice, shellfish, seafood, stewed meats and delicate sauces. In these cases the saffron taste enriches, colors and enhances the flavors.

Usually this spice is added at the end of cooking, otherwise it loses its flavor and aroma.

Product storage: store in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and direct light.

Region : Piedmont
from agriculture : Traditional


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