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Timut pepper

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Timut pepper in grains. Resealable packaging of 20 gr

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Timut Pepper.

In reality, the Timut Pepper is a false pepper because it is the peel of a seed.
Its aroma is strongly citrus and penetrating and has the property of not pinching but of temporarily "sleeping" the parts of the mouth that come into contact with it, causing a unique sensation.

Excellent on fish and in vegetable creams like artichokes and asparagus, it becomes intriguing when paired with chocolate, while a pinch added to gin and tonic manages to elevate this cocktail to a decidedly higher level!

Timut pepper. Origin and properties.

Timut pepper, a native of Nepal, is made from a tree with thorny and very fragrant branches, from whose dark red berries, once dried, is obtained this very aromatic pepper. It is a product widely used in Asia as a spice to season various main courses and desserts.

Among the properties of Timut pepper, which is part of the same family as the famous Sichuan pepper, is the fact of having a good bactericidal power, of being a good, diuretic, digestive and fungicidal.

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