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Tonka beans

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Tonka beans of 15 gr in resealable bag.

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Tonka beans are the seeds of the fruit of a tree native to Central America normally called cumaru. In the shape of a crushed almond, they have wrinkled skin and are dark brown to black in color.


The aroma of Tonka Beans is particular with a strong component reminiscent of sweet almond and bitter almond with in addition notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The aroma extracted from Tonka Beans is frequently used in perfumery, to flavor certain types of beer and some varieties of pipe tobacco. In the kitchen it is a spice to be used sparingly because its flavor is strong. It is particularly suitable in confectionery where it goes well with vanilla, cocoa and coconut. Even the bartenders make use of it as it is well suited to perfume cocktails. It is used leaving it in infusion previously chopped or grated in the same way as nutmeg.

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